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the title says it all .. :D

why or why not ??

honestly , i find it more amazing ! cause the video thing is back :D , but the forum and blogs has lessen .. but the "View All" is still there so no problem ..

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What Kumachii said xD

Kuraudo Sutoraifu said:

Fits who? The guy or me? ... Sorachii.. I don't get it.. 

★Natsu ♣Azure'Sora♣ said:

the theme fits him perfectly :3

sorachii ❧ said:

lol we succeed getting you the theme then

yakumo - can see dead people - it's from psychic detective yakumo

Kuraudo Sutoraifu said:

It's fantastic... Though it will look more fantastic if you put colorful backgrounds.. Colorsless is just like.. Dead...

its ok i guess


Illyasviel Von Einzbern☆Kuro☆ said:

its ok i guess

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