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Yes i'm finally starting Ichigo vs Naruto and I'm hoping that this can be a good battle actual a video I saw on you tube made me want to create this battle.

So lets get the rules out.

In this battle naruto can see ichigo and  timing is unlimited so this goes to who is able  to endure more damage then the other and yes there attacks and powers that always had a time limit is finally off so you guys can play with that and thank me.

This is just another battle so anyone whos going to kill them self's over this needs to leave.

I will remove anyone coming here and leaving a name saying naruto wins or ichigo wins.

I'll Start by posting a video and choosing who I think will win.



What I think
  OK now lets begin this big clash.My vote is going to Naruto. Now if you would have asked me about who would win a year ago I would of chosen Ichigo hands down,but I'm smarter now and even the creator of the video started it off right by showing everyone that naruto will use his clones to out do ichigo and ichigo isn't going to just power up into his strongest form he's going to take his time so he can check out naruto's moves and I've seen just about every bleach character do this as they fight.Since naruto has more forms than ichigo so waiting is his best bet.I've seen ichigo take some pretty hard hits but naruto take the cake when it comes to who can endure more from when he was 12 all the way up until now he's shown us that he can not only be thrown around though tree but fall from some pretty high places,yet that isn't what i'm trying to advertise what i'm getting at is naruto's sage mode and even when the nine tails takes over he has even more durability as for ichigo his powers just increase which isn't going to help. Increasing powers can be good if it's like rasangan s but if it's like big rasangan then whats the point it's just increasing powers and only increase damage and doesn't do anything else.This is how ichgo's powers are yes it can get bigger and can become stronger but can they do something else that would scary your enime's.This is what ichigo lacks which will become his down fall when naruto see's he is limited to a few moves when naruto has more attacks.

So i don't want to spoil everything that would happen in this battle i want to save the goods for last so please tell me what you think.

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I don't know for sure who will win actually but one word about this battle.. EPIC
agreed. Four tails could match Ichigo at just about any level. Well nine tails could probably kill ichigo with a big blast.

I really don't think that would be the case considering final form ichigo(the one he fights aizen with) has the capacity to take down a mountain. A similar feat to what the Nine tails at full power could do. Not to mention Naruto's clones only take one hit to disperse which ichigo could easily do with a spread attack version of getsuga. And then there's the speed problem Naruto's an endurance type fighter while ichigo is a speed type i don't think naruto has the ability to keep up with bankai ichigo. And from what we've seen the regenerative abilities of ichigo's hollow is equal to that of the kyuubi's( a hole in the chest being healed)


Really, I thought final form was basically that ichigo had risen to a level so far beyond others that his reiatsu could no longer be perceived, meaning it wasn't gone rather it had increased too much to be sensed by others kinda like ichigo being in the 4th dimension while the others were just in the 3rd dimension.

exactly!!! ichigos powers transcend that of reapers and hollows, which means coming close to him will cause you to disintgrate like that one human that tried to come near aizen (not saying that naruto will) but yeah as ive explained in other battles, the blunt force of ichigos swing without the reiatsu or anything, can level a mountain. and a blast from the nine tails in its full form wouldnt kill him it, would injure him severely if he was still pre dangai form, but post dangai ichigo would probably shrug it off one way or another, id say that a chakra blast from the kyuubi is comparable to that of a high level cero from a vasto lorde type hollow, and according to the OBD (for those that dont know, its a good site that provides reasonable stats on each character) narutos strength and durability are just about equal, so even if ichigo has 1 special move, its how you use that move and your brains that will make it effective, when it comes to the rasengan, ichigo (post dangai) would most likely stop it with a single hand lol, even the big ball rasengan, and the great big ball rasengan from his sage form, now the rasen shuriken is questionable, no one knows its full capabilites other than that it can now be thrown and expanded on impact.


here is narutos obd



and here is ichigo (post dangai)



so yeah im sure they both can tank attacks from each other, it will be the smartest who comes out on top, not the one with more attacks and numbers and forms, narutos obd has him at his best (4th great ninja war with mastery of the kyuubis power) and ichigo still compares fairly good.

and wait wait wait lol......nartuo only has one move as well (in his NORMAL form) which is the rasengan, just powered up versions of it, which is the same as ichigo lmao, i wouldnt exactly give him the advantage with the shadow clones, other than using them for intel on the enemies to devise a strategy, but yeah nauto has only the rasengan (filler crap doesnt count because it never happened, so its not considered valid or canon material) and when they both go into their respective hollow/bijuu forms, they gain access to like 1 or 2 attacks, naruto with his scream (he uses this on kabuto to destroy the bridge) extendable arms (this is used on orochimaru) and a bijuu chakra blast which even orochimaru tanked, chakra bullets which pain was able to delflect with his chibaku tensei, and when naruto has mastery of the nine tails during the war, his rasen shuriken was tanked by the former 2nd or 3rd raikage, and now theres the tailed beast bomb which he still hasnt mastered, so that is irrelevant at this point.....

but yeah they both only have one special move, just powered up variations of it 

yeah i also think it would be a pretty equal fight though id have to give the advantage to ichigo because naruto has no real long range move rasenshuriken is too easy to dodge unlike ichigos getsuga which has truly been shown to be useable both in short and long ranges. by the way clicking the link on the OBD thing it does seem to be pretty reliable in terms of stats in terms of victories though i don't think its perfectly accurate though that is just an opinion


i'm imagining a speed battle between a yellow flash and shunpo

You guys did a nice job with helping Ichigo but now i can show you who wins.


Naruto clearly has the advantage when he transforms into one of the tails i don't have to show naruto transforming into a controlled state of the nine tails power. Tell me when ichigo can blow up a forest with his hands naruto can do more than just rasangan now he does have the tailed beast blast or shoot fire when he's in 6+ tails. If ichigo is on the ground naruto could just pull him from underground then blast him.

Dude final form ichigo killed what basically amounted to a God. So yeah no way can Nine-tails naruto just overpower him. He can even kill regenerators as shown when he went up against Ulquiorra

lol i saw this vid like a year ago XD i like the dude who made it plus he's made other ones too :o but yeah going on


enjoy :D lol

no karis, naruto does not have the tailed beast ball mastered yet, all the wikis state so, he tried to do it but failed against the former raikage, so he just used a regular rasengan, go read it over lol, and yes naruto blew up a forest with his hands, big deal lol, ichigo can tank it (tank = taking the hit) he smacked away a kido capable of bending time and space, with just a flick of his arm, and just him clashing with aizen caused that mountain to basically evaporate, so yeah i dont even think a chakra blast will kill ichigo due to his durabilty being at building level and beyond, and with the tailed beast ball, id compare it to that little orb that aizen used in his final form to try to kill ichigo, he only scarred his arm, and even if naruto was in 6 tailed form, ichigo can sense the tremors in the ground, i doubt the arms can go supersonic, now we dont know what his abilities are in 7 8 or 9 tails so you cant really reference them you can only account for up to 6 tails, but yeah ichigo is not at a big disadvantage here, and to tell you the truth, if ichigo was as  ruthless as grimmjow, hed take narutos head without a second thought, but hes not that way so the fight would draw itself out......

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