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Yes i'm finally starting Ichigo vs Naruto and I'm hoping that this can be a good battle actual a video I saw on you tube made me want to create this battle.

So lets get the rules out.

In this battle naruto can see ichigo and  timing is unlimited so this goes to who is able  to endure more damage then the other and yes there attacks and powers that always had a time limit is finally off so you guys can play with that and thank me.

This is just another battle so anyone whos going to kill them self's over this needs to leave.

I will remove anyone coming here and leaving a name saying naruto wins or ichigo wins.

I'll Start by posting a video and choosing who I think will win.



What I think
  OK now lets begin this big clash.My vote is going to Naruto. Now if you would have asked me about who would win a year ago I would of chosen Ichigo hands down,but I'm smarter now and even the creator of the video started it off right by showing everyone that naruto will use his clones to out do ichigo and ichigo isn't going to just power up into his strongest form he's going to take his time so he can check out naruto's moves and I've seen just about every bleach character do this as they fight.Since naruto has more forms than ichigo so waiting is his best bet.I've seen ichigo take some pretty hard hits but naruto take the cake when it comes to who can endure more from when he was 12 all the way up until now he's shown us that he can not only be thrown around though tree but fall from some pretty high places,yet that isn't what i'm trying to advertise what i'm getting at is naruto's sage mode and even when the nine tails takes over he has even more durability as for ichigo his powers just increase which isn't going to help. Increasing powers can be good if it's like rasangan s but if it's like big rasangan then whats the point it's just increasing powers and only increase damage and doesn't do anything else.This is how ichgo's powers are yes it can get bigger and can become stronger but can they do something else that would scary your enime's.This is what ichigo lacks which will become his down fall when naruto see's he is limited to a few moves when naruto has more attacks.

So i don't want to spoil everything that would happen in this battle i want to save the goods for last so please tell me what you think.

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Such an old battle. Well Naruto would win currently.

ICHIGO for sure!!!!!! amfu~ 

woah ! still confused about that

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