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Soul reaper vs Demon lord

who would win

this is a hard core fight your post will be deleted if you just state a name now i'm about too state a name too get the fight started

Sesshomaru wins

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Ok first tensaiga can kill anything thats not of this world which a soul reaper isn't and a matter of fact sesshomaru has went to hell and killed a hell hound then killed a soul reaper as you would call it.


Now  i don't want you to say he might be able to kill over 1000 hollows in one move the fact is sesshomaru did it in a sec using his real ultimate attack bakusaiga sesshomaru is indeed able to fly unlike ichigo so battle of the sky is all sesshomaru.All you do continue to do is show me that ichigo is fast which isn't going to help speed is not how you win a real battle and if he's going to fight a real demon he's going to need more than some speed when the person he's going against can regenerate,shoot poison from his body that would melt the flesh from ichigo's skin or transform into a giant man eating Dog and bite his bad off in  lest than sec 

Umm ichigo does have killing blows strong enough to prevent regeneration. Cero, getsuga tenshou etc. And you may forget but in bleachverse reiatsu can also act as a shield(as shown by kenpachi) without enough reiatsu then no damage can be taken i think thats also the entire premise of the arrancar skin thing. And then hollows are sorta like demons so no giant dog is not really that terrifying. And ichigo has also been shown to regenrate from fatal wounds. What we're trying to point out with the bakusaiga thing is that even if, if being used lightly it could kill a soul reaper in one hit Sesshoumaru wouldn't be able to do so. Speed combined with massive amounts of reiatsu giving a spam version of the landscape spread getsuga would kill even a regenerator

LOL but heres the thing ichigo doesn't have any regeneration powers nor can he use it to shield him self he's not a master at using it for those perposes nor is he a kido user. You say speed i say even you have no proof on ichigo being faster all you can tell me is animaiton yea his final form is faster but he no longer has that power now does he nor regeneration cause he can't transform into a hollow meaning most of the boost of power that most people speak of is gone.This fight is only whats recent, but do on using speed as something to help you what happens when he gets to sesshomaru with this speed when sesshomaru can still see him he's a demon not human his body is still better than any human and that means still better than ichigo he has better sight and nose just all out better body.He's been fighting before most of the bleach characters were even born. the only weakness sesshomaru has is someone who has really high devine power over magic spells as in something that would kill a demon some power holy water or something but good fight when you look at it that way a soul reaper vs a devil.

seshomaru could just use dragon strike which can go under the ground but it could be light speed i don't know it's lightning it just might have lightning powers cause it was able to beat his brother's backlash wave which will send his opponents power back at them with his own


and now that i look back are you saying that InuYasha characters are weak when you said that sesshomaru would never reach the dimensions of power that bleach verse characters have. 

Cause if thats the say you got it the other way when a sword can destroy Tokyo just by being unsheathed just go ahead and call me. This isn't a brash an anime this is a battle don't throw sesshomaru that low when you have to go to a speed contest when in a battle speed isn't everything if you don't have the power to take an attack. The people seshsomaru goes against ...do you know he only has about like 5 to 4 fights other than the main character the reason is because they need over powered people who can do high level regeneration like the main villain which means you can blow him up into cell size pieces and he can come back only sesshomaru's power could just beat him alone. now if ichigo can get close which he will cause sesshomaru rather fights up close he can just use two swords one to cut him in one move or one to blow him in one move. They both would kill him but yo can do ahead and say they can't touch him cause you know that if they do he's not going to be standing ichigo is a close up fighter like sesshomaru stop making it seem as if he's just going to run around him.

Sesshomaru!!!  Go get him! 

where does a sword nuke tokyo by being unsheathed???? in the 3rd movie?

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