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Super Big Tag List

You know it's big. Undercontruction though Anime Bleach Kuroshitsuji baka_to_test s Art pixiv_fantasia Redjuice Misc Guide NND ( Nico Nico Douga ) Soraru View »

Sora's Designer Tools

CSS related generators For CSS3 : http://css3generator.com/ Border Radius : http://border-radius.com/ Image Opacity : http://www.css-opacity.pascal-seven.de/ C Guide's that really h… View »

FAQ : Frequently Asked Question

I haven't received my points yet. Why? Answer : Sorry, we gave out points for themes manually. The admin which give points is either busy at the moment or in hiatus. How do you take a screenshot o… View »

Mod's Guide to Tagging.

Instead of using theme index, we will use tag as an index. Please follow the instructions carefully  Currently there is 4 parts of the tag Designer's Codename // example : sorachii, yukaji, sak… View »

Designer's CodeName

Sorry to lazy to tidy it up. maybe later? http://www.zincview.com/profile/Sorachii sorachii http://www.zincview.com/profile/SandaraFu - Lizzy http://www.zincview.com/profile/MikiSayaka - Haniel http… View »

Terms of use+

While using a theme {{ Using a theme without crediting is not allowed. If you were to use a theme , the credits should NOT be touched. If you were customizing it , the credits still should be ther… View »

Introduction to ZincView Theming

  Introduction ZincView is an anime social networking site. Customizing a theme in Zincview.com is not an easy task. We have different classes and option to use. There're are 2 ways of making a… View »

Theme Index

Anime Theme a theme based on anime characters or anime.   Angel Beat : Nakamura Yuri by Lolita AnoHana : AnoHana by kumachii ❧ Another : ANOTHER by ஜSoniko-chanஜ╫Yumi╫ Ao no Exorcist : The Answ… View »



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