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At 6:34am on October 11, 2014, Yuka. said…
At 3:43pm on September 17, 2014, °☪loud 冷たい ★.☆ said…


yes it does! D:< and u lie too what are you saying? >_>

you should watch it again :D plus i'm caught up on it so i have to wait for the new ep to air >.> which i'm too impatient to wait on so i'm just going to stop watching it and let it build up again then catch up :D

there are other awesome group like infinite :D or since you like girl groups you can look at sistar .o. and not a true fan!!!! cuz it doesn't matter or not ur supposed to support >.>

well i'm only watching some now plus i'm too lazy to catch up on some anime since i'm not in the mood like how i used to be D: omg the old age is kicking in ;o;

i'm not into games like call of duty >.> too much dumb ppl raging i rather play solo games :D and lmao divorce asuna XD idk i just looked at the trailer and it's pretty awesome ;o but i don't want to buy a vita D:

lmao!!! see this is y my picture is better than your bear :D cuz i don't get nightmares lol but what a horrible dream? XD and what pic is that you have now o.o

At 6:57pm on August 24, 2014, °☪loud 冷たい ★.☆ said…


o.o i know it's bad lol but sometimes ppl lie for a good cause >w> i think... XD and no it's not! i know u were XD and now i'm into korean stuff again XD like watching running man :D and these other groups i found out of that really like :O and uuuuuuuuuuuu are no true fan of sunny! them lies! o.o and so many pics >o>

like which ones? -.o and yes it feels like 3 months XD and omg xD really? 2012 sure is 2 years ago lol but still!!!!!!!!! yes 3 times >o< i just love it so much and idk o.o; i still like bleach v.v it's just i don't get to see the anime ;o; makes me sad, well i wish they had sao game here in the us D:< they never import those games over cuz they think us americans don't like that type of games D:< like this is all bs! i tell u bs! and lmao a waifu XD y would u want one :O

the white hair looks sexier on him <3 and no it isn't and lmao XD i see lol

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