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HongKong...o.o left a comment for Ash
HongKong...o.o left a comment for Ash
HongKong...o.o left a comment for Ash
Aug 14
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At 3:05pm on August 19, 2014, °☪loud 冷たい ★.☆ said…


o.o yes

you don't know? omg :O u should be kicked!

lmao rain if you're truly in love with her you should be happy with her decision :O and o.o clicks on link...omg XD rain lol i thought it would be like a korean idol group XD but lmao!!!!!! isnt' that like one of the new animes? o.o

no >w>

omg!!! did u even finish the first season! and like i've said b4 your brain is too small to keep up with the storylines of anime .o. and lmao yes he has a sister who is "sugu" which is really his cousin but she is the fairy that is blond that helped him in alo which is alfeim online from the last season

and lmao become monks? XD where did u get this idea lol if it's like avatar bald like that idk it depends if the anime is still good with the story line yes :D

yes *O* i like the evilness <3 and white hair is awesome D:< better than ur bikini bear lol >w>

At 10:08am on August 18, 2014, HongKong...o.o said…

To be honest the last anime ive watched is  Love Stage hahahah 

But im aware of the new animes this season~

What are you all watching? .o.

At 8:08pm on August 15, 2014, °☪loud 冷たい ★.☆ said…


o.o yes

and well i am pang and well i'm a gemini :D so i have dual personality :D!!!

yes o.o and i see that lol and y not >O>!!!!!!!!!!!! and omg lmao rain that's y u stop liking her? soooooooooooooooooo unfaithful! what kind of fan are u :U u should be happy!!!!!!!! and omg lol ok XD but wait anime girls have lovers too :O

no o.o

oh :o well i haven't been watching any anime lately >_> haven't been in the mood unlesss it's sao <3 ;D or love stage ;D!!!!!! lol

yes i do *O* they're so smexy all the muscle abs <3 lol

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